One Day, Two Scenes

I went out today to just keep practicing my photography and editing skills. I chose one road and on lens. Here are two different scenes taken within a mile of each other. I feel as though something is there within the two areas, I just need to continue practicing and figure it out. Over all I feel like they turned out well.

Crystal Summit

Crystal Summit SunsetCrystal Summit Startrail

This is was my second time up at Crystal Summit with people from the University. That being Dr. Ownby, Alyssa, and Mikah. While the Milky Way was visible, the half moon made it very difficult to capture, but all of our star trails turned out nicely. I also used this opportunity to get some more sunset photos, it is surprisingly hard to get a decent one with no clouds.

Chesterfield Trip 3.0

Bird Canyon was on the way to Chesterfield and I had to find a way to capture this scene. I was on my third trip there with Dr. Ownby’s class and had a fantastic time. Even though it began raining, a lot of people produced some fantastic images. The food from the Chuck Wagon was great as always and I am glad I tagged along again, even if I wasn’t in the class.

Life in Motion: Yellowstone

I took a trip to Yellowstone. While I was working on a photography assignment, I decided to take a step back and goof around. This is the result, a series I call Life in Motion. Maybe I’ll do something like this for all my trips.


Not my first trip to Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho, but my first successful trip to capture the Milky Way. I started that journey on a small outlet in Arbon, Idaho where I first cracked the secrets of Milky Way photography the day before my classes’ trip to Craters. If you ever get a chance to see the Milky Way with your own eyes, definitely take it.